The Phoenix

We Rise Together

The Phoenix Wellness Center

Wings of Fire has been a mobile wellness business since 2017, jumping from space to space, stopping at a wonderful assortment of hosts. We brought several, talented practitioners along for the ride. What we found is that people become truly connected in an inspiring space. This was the birth of The Phoenix.

This space is like no other. Instead of static spaces rented per month, practitioners, instructors, and wellness advocates may rent blocks of time, sharing the space! This keeps costs low and broadens the offerings. We offer a reception lounge, 3 private practitioner rooms, and a large open space, perfect for workshops or group classes, like yoga or CPR!

For the consumer, this means they have access to a variety of wellness services in an inviting and safe space - a respite to rejuvenate and continue their wellness journey. Begin in our lounge where you can sink in and transition yourself from the outside world to your wellness experience. Enjoy services like coaching, Reiki, acupuncture, and massage. You will float away, releasing the worries and stresses from the outside.

This ain't your mama's wellness center! Well, let's be honest, she may not have had one. Now, there will be a place in downtown Racine, WI that will spark your fire!

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