Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No one has the answer to all of life's questions. But here are a few as we journey towards discovery!

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a partnership between coach and client to create steps to a balanced life. This is accomplished by looking at all the areas of Wellness in life, a holistic approach.

We follow a 10  dimension model developed by Dr. Francis Ardito, which includes: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Nutritional, Protectoral, Social, Occupational, and Financial Wellness.

By creating a path together, using the coach's guidance and accountability, the client is empowered to make lasting change!

Isn't Wellness Coaching just therapy?

Actually, no. Psychotherapy may focus on the past, and what is wrong, dwelling on the mistakes.

Wellness is a choice. So, Wellness Coaching focuses on the present and future, and how you are empowered to make great choices for the life you want to lead!

Do you really travel to me?

Yes we do! We understand that it is a challenge to balance all of life's needs. We also realize that we sacrifice ourselves the most. So, it is our belief that if we bring Wellness to you, we will not only support you, but your business, leading to great opportunities!

What if I live miles away?

We will still travel to you! We also offer telephonic coaching options, as well as online learning opportunities.

How do I become a partner?

Please contact us! We are always looking for partners to expand our service offerings, and our geographical reach!