The Spark


Our mission is to create fantastic Wellness experiences in your space!

The spark began in 2014 when our fiery founder, Kristina, was part of the launch of an employee wellness program at a local college. There she had the opportunity to work with staff, transforming the lives of hundreds of people!

We understand the pain that comes with personal growth. But that doesn't mean it has to be painful! Through Wings of Fire, we merge our combined skills as Wellness practitioners with our artistic side to bring laughter and light to every Wellness experience!

Our wings allow us to fly into any space. We made a choice to not be anchored in a brick and mortar, but to be 100% mobile, bringing our expert services to you! We can create an environment that invites the participant in, allowing them to let go, even for 10 minutes, and find that space to recharge.

Our fiery founder holds a special place in her heart for like-minded women. However, our mission serves any who are ready to take flight!

We bring our tribe of experts to you. We will combine services to create the perfect event to meet the need of you, your business, your employees, your customers, and your community.

No event is too big or too small. We love the intimate spaces as much as the roaring community events. Where will your spark take you? Not sure?

We have a map!


Join our TRIBE!

We are seeking Entrepreneur supporters to be EDUCATORS and ADVISERS,

Local Businesses to partner in TRANSFORMATIVE EVENTS,

Co-working spaces who want to GROW offerings beyond the physical space,


and members to become the WARRIORS they were meant to be!