We’re Better Together

Survive COVID

Just when you think it's safe to go back into the water... or theatre, store, gathering, etc... The Delta variant is here to Debbie Downer it all. But is this a surprise? No, but it still hurts. From a business perspective, I was ecstatic as the rules began to lighten and doors began to open. Now I have the fear that I may lose the customers I have as we move the needle back towards more restrictive guidelines. . People may return to self-quarantining. This could be a hard thing to survive as a business.

From a health and wellness perspective, I am a champion of taking every precaution to be safe. I'm vaccinated - 3 times! I got the third shot since I have a variety of auto-immune disorders. I wear my mask. But I know not everyone is in the same space. It's challenging to see the health of my fellow humans be at risk because as a country, we are divided politically on a health issue.

So, here we are. Divided. Scared. Maybe, angry. Where do we go from here? All I can do is what is best for me, my child, and my fellow humans. I follow CDC guidelines for my wellness center. I surround myself with people who are in survival mode. We are the warriors doing the work. It may be overkill. It may be blind acceptance. But what I am happy to say is we are not a group of people who are putting ourselves over the greater good. I want to see everyone on the other side of this, not just me and mine. I am hopeful I will get to see your smiling faces soon, giving you a big ole hug. Take care out there!