COVID Precautions

Microscopic view of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Flu or SARS virus.

COVID Policies - The Phoenix

  1. Everyone must wear a mask before entering the facility
  2. Temperatures will be taken at the door, and a COVID form will be filled out, confirming a lack of symptoms or trace contact

Facility precautions:

  1. Each room has a H13 HEPA air exchanger to change over air in room that cleans 470 sq. ft. per hour
  2. Each room has disinfectant and hand sanitizer
  3. Practitioners are expected to wipe down surfaces in between patients
  4. Rooms are to be aired out at least 15 minutes between clients
  5. At the end of their time in the treatment room, practitioners will collect the trash and dispose of in the trash room on first floor of building
  6. Failure to follow guidelines can either void appointments or forfeit privileges within the center

CPR classes

Follow the AHA Guidelines for safety

  1. Students will register and fill out COVID questionnaire before they may enter the space
  2. Masks are required
  3. Each student will have their own sanitized packet mask to use during class
  4. Gloves will be worn during all practice sessions
  5. H13 air circulators will be run through the duration of the class
  6. All equipment is sanitized post class and allowed to air out for 15 minutes before it is put away
  7. All chairs and tables are sanitized post class and allowed to air out for 15 minutes before it is out away